The Allotment

Today we are visiting the Bells Hill allotments, we are hoping to find some interesting plants.on our way  Nearly there Chad  we found a interesting plant called chad. Strawberries  We found loads of strawberries. And here are some epic facts that you didn’t know about strawberries: Strawberries have 33 calories per hundred grams. Strawberries are…


Week 3 of the apple

For the last three weeks, we have been experimenting on an Apple core to see how it rots this is where it was kept for the last week This is how it has rotted See you next week for more

Day 12 of the eggs 🥚🥚🥚

We had 7 eggs before but then when we got to see them be candled we found out that only 5 out of seven eggs are still going to hatch. over the weekend no thing much has changed, or happened we can’t wait for tomorrow’s  blog   bye😜😀😀😀😀😀

The new egg series

We have been doing a new series on the Apple core, but we were running  out of blog ideas, but then someone came into school to  show some chicken eggs to us🥚🥚🥚  and said to us that will be looked after in school. The new daily blog on the eggs will start on the 27th…

Week 2 of the 🍎 series

  last Thursday we all ate an apple and started a blog on it, we decided to leave the apple core for a week and every Thursday do a blog on how it’s rotted. Here is where the apple was left for the week,   It hasn’t rotted as much as we were thinking it…