The new apple series!

As we are doing a daily tadpole series, we have all decided to for one of us to eat an apple and leave it to rot and do daily blogs on how it’s doing,   here is the apple before it was eaten,   here is the eaten one,   Wait till tomorrow first proper blog […]

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Day 25 of the tadpoles

Ass you would know from yesterdays blog my friends and I have been looking after some tadpoles for the last 25 days.   When we got them on the 25th March 2018 they were only frog spawn, but know they have fully hatched and grown into tadpoles.   Today we changed their water, we added more pond leave […]

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Day 24 of the tadpoles

The last  couple of days of having the tadpoles has been very stressful most of the ones we got originally from Trent Park  have mostly jumped out through the easter holidays so had to go and get more from the school pond. But today has been a lot less stressful than the last couple of […]

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The Tadpoles Are Back!!!

In yesterdays blog we told you that over the holidays they had gone, well today we went to the pond and bought a net and a jar. We stayed outside for around 10 minutes searching in the pond for tadpoles that were already hatched and weren’t just frogspawn. eventually, we got some tadpoles we all took them over to […]

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